ES X ēe #1 BLEND

ES X ēe #1 BLEND

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“ES X ēe #1” is the first instalment of an ongoing collaboration with the extremely talented Alex Kratena & Monica Berg of Tayēr & Elementary.

The project’s aim is to gather and re-interpret inspiration from the various regions, produce and techniques, encountered on the individual team’s research trips.

Based on barley koji, pilsner malt, and Belgian Saison yeast, “ES X ēe #1” is a blend of Lebanese cherry stems, coffee chaff, carob, corn husk kombucha, and Citra hops.

Carob adds a complex familiarity, complemented by a depth and richness from the coffee chaff. An accent of Citra hops brightens the whole blend.

Notes: Funky acidity, sweet, fresh green and light floral

Serve: Either neat or serve it with soda water.

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